Carbon Neutral Program
Every business, including ours, produces global warming gases as a by-product of doing business. STUDIOetc is proud to support the effort to measure, reduce, and offset our CO2 emissions. Our Honda Element corporate vehicle, along with several of our employees' vehicles, have been carbon neutralized. As a service to our clients and our planet we offer the ability to carbon neutralize your trade show booth, display and even your travel to and from shows.
Renewable Electricity? Yep, 100% of It!
We've discovered that it is easy being green, making the decision to use Green e-certified 100% Renewable Electricity made possible through The Energy Cooperative. Based on STUDIOetc's annual electric usage, this creates an environmental equivalent of planting 671 trees, or not driving 678,420 miles in a automobile, or permanently removing 58 cars off the road. Our electrical power now comes exclusively from wind, solar, and recovered methane landfill gas energy.
Veggie Heating Oil
STUDIOetc has been using bio-heating oil made possible through The Energy Cooperative. Bio-heating oil is a blend of bio-diesel, made from vegetable oil, and regular heating oil. Bio-diesel burns more completely than regular heating oil and has reduced harmful air emissions.
Green Acres
STUDIOetc's 12,000 square foot design center is situated on three acres in beautiful Chester County, PA. The buildings were once the home of The Newcomen Society and were purchased in 2003. STUDIOetc restored the buildings maintaining the architectural integrity and exercising practical recycling of a beautiful space. The campus was also landscaped with indigenous plants and trees
"Happy Trails"
The hillside above the STUDIOetc campus contains a 1/2 mile hiking / mountain bike path. STUDIOetc employees constructed the trail system using hand-tools in their free time, and built two wooden footbridges using recycled lumber. In many places, brilliant naturally occurring white quartz stones have been stacked into cairns to mark the way. STUDIOetc employees are encouraged to use the paths on their breaks both for exercise, as well as inspiration.
Fuel Economy
A Honda Element was recently added to our transportation fleet for making small deliveries and pickups. The Element was not just purchased for its cool look but for its environmental integrity. The Element features i-VTEC® technology for reduced emissions and higher fuel economy, and gear ratios in the 4-speed automatic transmission also do their part: They are optimized to balance driving performance, fuel economy, and low emissions. Also, an "active," flat locking torque converter keeps it light and helps save gas. These versatile machines earned a low-emission vehicle rating (LEV-2) from the California Air Resources Board.
STUDIOetc has been a member of the Sustainable Business Network since 2003.

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