Only the Quantim Technology tab is navigable. Click it to view my work on this project.

This is the interface for the Brooks Quantim CD-ROM I was contracted to do for Megamedia, Inc. of Glenside in 2006, PA. My assignment on this project was to create the interface in Flash as well as animations and graphics for some of the Quantim pages.

Other than the salesman, everyone viewing the CD-ROM would be prospective clients who had never dealt with the interface before. Because it has several layers of navigation, I designed the interface to have sliding menus that gave visual cues as to where the user was while navigating through it.

The blue is Brooks corporate color and the tubes/metallic motif comes from the product itself. The entire project is done in Flash with menu, content and interface elements saved as separate SWF's that load into predetermined layers. The text was set up to be dynamic to allow easy last minute revisions.